History is built upon solid facts. CRISÁLIDA is a Chilean band that fuses the best of rock, metal, avant-gard and folk music to perfection.

Formed at the end of 1997, CRISÁLIDA continues to create atmospheres and emotions with unmatched musical artistry.

An unmistakable and iconic female voice, considered a leader in Chilean metal. Music with historical content, based upon our ancestors and their land. Powerful and captivating, CRISÁLIDA has performed in Chile’s most important stages.

Opening acts for bands like Deep Purple, The Gathering, Riverside, Anathema, Anneke van Giersbergen, Asia, The Crimson Projekct, Stick Men, Tarja Turunen, among others. Giras por Europa, México, Perú y Argentina los consolidan como los mejores en su estilo gracias a su música, que fusiona potencia y delicadeza. Tours through Europe, Mexico, Peru and Argentina consolidate them as one of the most important bands in Chile, thanks to their music that gracefully balances power and delicacy.




CRISÁLIDA is invited to the Festival of Antofagasta with more than 30 thousand people. The band was a success thanks to their impeccable presentation.


After its successful show at the Festival of Antofagasta, the band is called to be the opening act for one of the most important rock bands in the world: Deep Purple. The show made history for this beautiful city as it was a free show, and unique in its class. The Equestrian Club of the city was filled with more than 40 thousand attendees and CRISÁLIDA strengthened its ties at the hometown of their leading voice.


The band Quillapayún celebrates its 45-year career in a packed Caupolicán Theater. For this important celebration they decide to share the stage with the most important bands in the country (Los Jaivas, Illapu, Inti-Illimani, among others) as well as invite CRISÁLIDA. The band is also given the challenge of versioning Quillapayún’s song “Alharaca”. The result were incredibly well received: 2 bands of different styles fusing their instruments and voices to perfection.


CRISÁLIDA is awarded with Premios Pulsar’s “Best Metal Artist” for their 5th album, “Terra Ancestral”.

They tour Europe upon being chosen by the Israeli band Orphaned Land (winners of countless awards and highly regarded by the most important musicians, metal and avant-garde media in the world) to be part of the tour “All is One” whose main objective is inclusion. This tour includes 4 bands from different continents, Orphaned Land (Israel), Voodoo Kung Fu (China), Imperial Age (Russia) and CRISÁLIDA (Chile). They visit 11 countries and 18 cities from the old continent where they leave a unique and unforgettable mark at each of the shows they performed.


They are the first metal band to be part of the important festival Lollapalooza Chile, with a full venue and an unforgettable show.


They perform at La Cumbre del Rock Fest and premiere the first single of their new upcoming musical production that rescues part of the history of “El Niño del Cerro El Plomo” (The Child of the Cerro El Plomo), an eight year old child Inca mummy found in impossible altitudes for a child, discovered in perfect condition by people from Santiago during a trip in 1957 to the mountain that gives him his name.

Belonging to an important ritual from South America, the band has studied the history and are working on the landscapes and atmospheres that surround the exodus of the chosen one towards its final rite accompanied by the community and their gods: “Knowing CRISÁLIDA has been one of the highlights of my research experience. Their musical production is internationally known for the quality of composition and musicality (…) It clearly reflects the links with the local history of the Americas and Chile in particular. I do not exaggerate when affirming that they are ambassadors of the Chilean culture in the whole world “, Nelson Varas-Díaz (professor and documentary maker from the Florida International University, USA) who in a few months will premiere “Songs of Injustice”, his new documentary about Latin American metal genre, where CRISÁLIDA will be one of the leading bands.

Currently formed by Damián Agurto (Ibanez Artist), Braulio Aspé (Darkglass Electronics, Claudio Nuñez Luthier, DSM Noisemaker and ISP Technologies artist) and the new member, Felipe Cortés (Ufip and DW artist), together with Cinthia Santibáñez (AudixMicrophonesartist) they form a team of elite musicians, known as CRISÁLIDA.



Deep Purple: “Crisálida is one of the Chilean rock bands that with its solid demonstration of avant-gard sounds make it one of the most representative groups of the national scene.”

El Nortero.cl

Source: http://bit.ly/CrisaliPurple10


Quilapayún: “The rock band Crisálida, with whom they will recreate the song ‘Alharaca’ (…) they will face this challenge from their perspective, that of a rock band.”


Source: http://bit.ly/CrisaliPayun10

Video: https://youtu.be/tXVtbIAnrJ4

2007 – 2010

The Gathering: “One of the bands with more potential in Chile.”


Source: http://bit.ly/CrisaliGathering10

Video: https://youtu.be/eGpUAiZ0QzA


Riverside: “Intense moment that ended with a standing ovation.”


Source: http://bit.ly/CrisaliRiverside15

Video: https://youtu.be/QzE4BOEhM-4


Premios Pulsar

CRISÁLIDA is awarded with Premios Pulsar’s “Best Metal Artist” for their 5th album, “Terra Ancestral”.

Video: https://youtu.be/c7M8ihLhTOI

European Tour with Orphaned Land in Tour: ALL IS ONE

Video: https://youtu.be/nfibraUmNwQ



“I’ve never seen them live and I was pleasantly surprised.”


Source: http://bit.ly/CrisaliPalooza17

Video: https://youtu.be/ns1kzHHTKnk


Cumbre del Rock

“Among high points was the progressive rock and intensity of Crisalida and the power of its vocalist (Cinthia Santibañez) managing to fully satisfy the fans.”


Source: https://www.elmostrador.cl/cultura/2018/01/30/de-consolidados-revelaciones-y-nostalgia-lo-que-dejo-la-cumbre-del-rock-chileno-2018/

Video: https://youtu.be/u3MG18d0e8U